Hello, I’m John Cossacks founder of Monolithic Stone

I am a tenacious, loving and energetic reclaimer of bold dimensional limestone elements from centuries past. I am passionate about mesmerizing my clients with the absolute finest architectural stone elements that refuse to be rivaled by any other provider or collection private or public.

Our salvaged creations will transport you in time and space to a suspended dimension both Transcendental and Antediluvian. Welcome to our world and explore ancient dimensional stone like never before.

Please Call us at: 949-759-6944 or email us at: phoeniciansi@hotmail.com

Early on

I am so fascinated by History and it’s capability to bring your imagination to amazing places. Early on, I fell in love with the idea of the era of the early man and what could have preceded all recorded history and the fossil record, so I set out to learn everything I could about storytelling throughout history. To boldly go into the forbidden past like a time machine that has gone out of control into place we dare not imagine.


I have been teaching myself film-making, organic agriculture, caving, off grid living, carving, dabbling with languages both dead and current and anything in between for the past ten years and I’m still learning every day. I am building my business as a freelance antiquarian meet a real life Indiana Jones, as well as working on my own exhibition catalogs and high profile portfolio.

Please Call us at: 949-759-6944 or email us at: phoeniciansi@hotmail.com