“Great Dimensional Stone Blocks are about depth in feeling, not depth in thickness.”

Installing Fireplaces

It take a vastly different set of skills to install a heavy dimensional stone fireplace vs. installing a stone or marble floor. Fireplaces are very tricky and require a lot of experience in the field of stone masonry. On average our installers have 20 years of hands on experience in fireplace installation.

Stone Carving

our family of professional guilds-men include 3 generations of stone carvers. They have been working with dimensional stone for more than 10 centuries back into their lineages. Those carving families are what makes Monolithic Stone what it is.

Installing Floors

We relay on stone flooring installers with a minimum of 30 years of experience in the field. Anything less is simply unacceptable for us and for wont do justice to the rare flooring elements that we showcase in our clients homes or projects.

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Architectural Photography

Photography based on wide architectural frames, including shoots of our installed elements for real estate agents looking to sell hlistings fast. for that, we have networked with a small army of professional architectural photographers who can document our picturesque fireplaces or fountains. This valuble content can also be used to get your project featured in interior design magazines such as Architectural Digest, Veranda, House Beautiful and many more…

Retrofitting Antiques

Reclaimed Antique Stone Elements can often be repurposed into countless useful applications and functional transformation such as turning blocks into tables, chairs, benches, stools, counter tops, pool coping edges, fire pits, fountains, stepping stones, stares, entryways and fireplaces. The sky is the limit with what those elements can ultimately be upcycled to.

Stonescape Designs

Stone Landscaping and Hardscaping are perhaps the most relevant applications that call for using dimensional antique limestone in today’s custom homes regardless of their style. We found that Mediterranean, classic and modern styled homes are all suitable candidates for antique dimensional Limestone.In particular outdoor living, dining and entertainingcan all benefit from ancient stone elements.

When stone is the cornerstone of your design and architecture you should consider bringing in the pinnacle of raw elements, experts and installers that will faithfully translate your vision from paper to real life.

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